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Pakistan Embassy College Beijing

Website:    www.pecbeijing.com
College Address: No.1, Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Post Code 100600.
Telephone: (Country code +86, City code 10) 65233504 or 65326660 followed by extension number. 6127.
Email: info@pecbeijing.com


Liangmaqiao 亮马桥
Buses from this station:   95路; 302路; 402路; 405路; 421路; 499快; 499路; 516路; 671路; 672路; 675路; 701路; 夜30外
Agricultural Exhibition Center 农业展览馆
Buses from this station:    95路; 402路; 405路; 421路; 517路; 635路; 671路; 690路; 701路; 夜30内; 夜30外
Working hours:
Monday to Thursday
LKG & UKG 0800 – 1300 hrs
I to XII, IGCSE & A’ Levels 0800 –  1400 hrs
Friday  All classes 1230 hrs

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